суббота, 12 апреля 2014 г.

8 x 9 Misc Me Bounny project

Misc Me Recipe Section

One section of my Misc Me is "the recipes" that I collect from everywhere: from my friends' advice, from my mother's cook book, from magazines.
At this time I will show exactly the recipes that I found in the fitness magazine. This recipes of beetroot-berry cake and avocado-lime ice cream - it's delicious and very useful! Now it is very convenient to store recipes from magazines. It is very simple and functional for me!
I just picked up a paper background with a suitable color (it is very easy to find almost any desired color of BB paper!) Paste on it the picture and the recipe cut from a magazine - and voila - you're done!


Next spread is a good recipe from the old cookbook. It was difficult to use it because of its age, but in fact recipes are necessary! This is the way I prefer to use it!

I want to confess: I glue thick decorations right on page protector. It is very beautiful to mount ingredient lists with washi tape, I think.

BoBunny Supplies:
Patterned Paper: Endless Love/Head Over Heels, Our Lil' Monster/ Our Lil' MonsterAntique/The Avenues
Buttons: Our Lil' Monster, Modern Miss
Noteworthy: Our Lil' Monster
Jewels: Our Lil' Monster
Kraft: New Kraft Wood Shapes School
Washi Tape: Black and White Patterned, Primrose
Misc Me Binder: Kraft 8x9
Misc Me Page Protectors: Variety Pack 8x9

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  1. Я так понимаю это ты себе кулинарный блокнот оформляешь, да? Здорово! А я мечтала, мечтала...и купила готовый))))))

  2. Это типа проджект-лайфовского биндера с возможностью заполнять, чем мне хочется)))) У меня там несколько разделов, и один их них как раз кулинарный)))