пятница, 22 августа 2014 г.

Bloom card

Hi, it's me here for you today))

As you know, I'm adherent of stamps)))
But I also love the watercolor paints. I like to use it for it's intended purpose))

This time to create the card I took the watercolor and kraft paper, stamps, ink, watercolor, pens  and, of course, a pair of scissors)))

Having in the arsenal stamps like these it is easy to create the illusion a good ability to draw)))

I added a rough line, made ​​with a pens, to slightly reduce the effect of "art", which appeared by the addition of watercolor to the stamp's image.

In this card I've used Botanical Plate 2 A5 and  Journaling Mini Words #1

I think this sufficiently minimalistic card, with a touch of "art" is a bit rustic but quite elegant...isn't it?

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