пятница, 14 марта 2014 г.

Pair of mystical ATC

Hi, it's me with you today)))) Yeee, mellpellmell (Maria Potapovich) is the "postmaker" now)))
Sooooooo... Let's start!

I have two stamp on which were written the words, having a little mystical meaning.
This is the "abyss" and the "moonlight".

 I always wanted to do any projects that will reflect my vision of these words.
I think the ATC's  size is very well suited for a quick description of these concepts.

I chose such materials as threads and microbeads - I think they are well suited to create a mystical atmosphere.

Of course, to describe the moonlight I just needed a light bulb!

I have used the "Into The Abyss", "In the pale moonlight"  stamps, and "Washi grid background"  for background.

I hope you feel the mystique!

At least, I tried very hard to show it to you!

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