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BoBunny - Planner MISC ME (Winter Woodland)

Due to the large amounts of diverse tasks (or maybe because of all the every day increasing age?) my brain is constantly trying to miss anything out of sight!

The easiest thing I could do to keep the control of all the plans is to start writing them down. But here I bumped into another unplanned problem - and where and how do I write?

First I examined the sites with information about the planning, and then I started to learn what notebooks and diaries I can buy in the shops of my city.

This is the beginning of the story "how I began to make handmade notebooks" ))).

But as it turned out that the writing the plans in three notebooks is uncomfortable.

My previous "planner" to look like this:

Maybe it was comfortable, but it was SO UGLY! ((

And now I have a few sections in the planner and it looks like this:

This section contains information that I may need at any moment (addresses, account numbers, pediatrician's  phone number...)

I did just flat decorations, to make it convenient to fill it from time to time - paper, several layers of paper, stamps, doodling ... I cut the sheet 12 * 12 paper (Cozy, Woodland Winter) to the little cards - they are perfectly matched to the size of the pockets!

It's so simple!

Here I write down the date of visits to doctors and prescriptions written - it is very important not to lose it all in different places!

Here... of course it's for visits to the hairdresser, beauty treatments and recipes))) This section is the most understandable for girls!

Space for new recipes and sample menus for the week.

This is the most difficult section for me - it's for household((
Weekly schedule,  regular daily tasks ... - nothing interesting, but no one can do without it!

Space for writing things needed on the road (we often go to another city to my parents, a little less - we travel to other countries during the holidays) - it is always difficult for me to pack up without preparing!

And this is the most important section - here I write down monthly plans related to scrapbooking (DT projects, orders, greetings cards for family and friends ...). This section is one of the biggest)))

Pockets on the dividers will be gradually filled - recipes, notes, "reminders" ..

Perhaps my planner turned out not very festive, but it is veryveryveryvery comfortable!
I know it's embelishments are quite simple, REALLY simple!

And one more thing ...
I have never had such a beautiful and convenient planner!!!

BoBunny Supplies:
Pattern Paper:  Cozy/Woodland Winter 
Misc Me Binder: Kraft
Misc Me Dividers: Kraft
Misc Me Contents: Notepaper,  Elf Woodland Winter Journal, Page Protector, 8x9 Recipe Page Protector Pack, 8x9 Page Protector Variety Pack
Stamps: Kraft Wood Alphabet Stamp Lower Case

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  1. а мне нравится, и я тоже такой хочу. потому что надоело писать все на бумажках и терять их

  2. Очень классный!!! Цвета очень нравятся!